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Busan, International Port City

Busan, located in the southeastern coastal area of the Korean Peninsula, is the country’s second largest city after Seoul and the most famous trade port in the country. Due to the geographical conditions of this dynamic place, most of its tourist attractions can be found near the sea including beaches with fine sand, precipitous rocky cliffs and Buddhist temples along the coast.
Busan is also a major shopping city with The Centum City Mall being the largest single shopping mall in Asia, where visitors can enjoy a variety of shopping experiences at numerous department stores and outlets for prestigious international brands as well as traditional markets for local and traditional items.
For more entertainment, Haeundae’s Moontan Road, a walking trail starting from Dalmaji Hill, is one of the must-visit places in Busan, along with Nurimaru APEC House on Dongbaekseom Island, where world leaders gathered together for an APEC summit in 2005.
In addition, Busan is the host city of the Busan International Film Festival which has been held annually since October 1996.

  • Busan Cinema Center
  • A display of fireworks light up the sky
  • Nurimaru APEC House


  • - Longitude 35.1° N
  • - Latitude 129.0° E
  • - Timezone GMT +9
  • - Venue capacity
    Up to 2,400 Participants
  • - Accommodation capacity
    7,428 rooms
  • - International Airport
    Incheon Int'l Airport
    Gimhae Int'l Airport


  • Population

    3.5 million

  • Area

    765.9 ㎢

  • Getting there

    · Busan International Airport : Gimhae Airport
      (Operating 628 flights per week/ Connecting 26 cities in 10 countries)
    · From Seoul : 1 hour by air, 2.5 hours by Korea Express Train(KTX)

  • Local Food

    · Seafood (Sashimi, small octopus, seaweed, etc.)

    · Swellfish soup

    · Dongnae pajeon(welsh onion pancake)

  • Remarks

    · Host of 2002 Asian Games and 2005 APEC Summit

    · Busan International Film Festival and the International Fireworks Festival held

    · National summer tourism spot with famous beaches; Haeundae, Gwanganri

    · Large shopping area in Seomyin with local stores and Centum City
      (listed in the guinness world book of records as the biggest department store
      in the world)


This table shows annual temperature of BUSAN as Centigrade and Fahrenheit
Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr. May. Jun. Jul. Aug. Sep. Oct. Nov. Dec.
Centigrade (℃) 3.2 4.9 8.6 13.6 17.5 20.7 24.1 25.9 22.3 17.6 11.6 5.8
Fahrenheit (℉) 37.76 40.82 47.48 56.48 63.5 69.26 75.38 78.62 72.14 63.68 52.88 42.44

※ For weather information : http://web.kma.go.kr/eng/index.jsp


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