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Daejeon, City of Scientific Technologies

Daejeon is a metropolitan city located in the central region of the Korean Peninsula. This city is generally referred to as “a city of technology & science” as it accommodates a number of research institutes and venture companies including the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), the Korea Aerospace Research Institute (KARI), the Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI), and the Daedeok Special Research and Development Zone, otherwise known as Daedeok Innopolis. In addition, Daejeon has a crucial function as an administrative city as it the site of the Government Complex and many other public enterprises, and is adjacent to Sejong Special Autonomous City as well. Based on technological advancement and its excellent administrative conditions, the city frequently holds international events such as the International Astronautical Congress (IAC) and the International Monetary Fund Conference, and plays an important role in the establishment of international science business belts. Daejeon is surrounded by many mountains, including Gyejoksan and Gyeryongsan, and contains Yuseong Hot Springs, which is Korea’s oldest hot spring resort.

  • Daejeon Expo bridge
  • City Landscape
  • Daejeon Expo Science park


  • - Longitude 36.3° N
  • - Latitude 127.3° E
  • - Timezone GMT +9
  • - Venue capacity
    Up to 2,000 Participants
  • - Accommodation capacity
    1,312 rooms
  • - International Airport
    Incheon Int'l Airport


  • Population


  • Area


  • Getting there

    -From Seoul : 1hour by air, 2hours by car, 1.5hours by KTX, and just over 2hours by limousine bus from the Incheon International Airport.

  • Local Food

    - Gujeuk acorn Jelly (Shredded jelly served in a bowl of soup topped with kimchi and seaweed.)
    - Daecheongho Fresh Water Fish Hot Spicy Stew
    - Dolsot bibimbap (over 10 types of vegetables with rice served in hotpot)

  • Remarks

    - Located in the center of Korea, Daejeon serves as a hub of transportation (possible to travel to anywhere in the country within half a day from Daejeon)
    - Asia's "Silicon Valley" Daedeok Innopolis (Daedeok Research and Development Special Zone)
    - Asia's Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship Cluster: 21 corporate research centers in Daejeon including Samsung and LG, etc.
    - 1993 Daejeon Expo: 108 Nations and 33 international organizations participated


This table shows annual temperature of DAEJEON as Centigrade and Fahrenheit
Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr. May. Jun. Jul. Aug. Sep. Oct. Nov. Dec.
Centigrade (℃) -1.0 1.5 6.5 13.0 18.2 22.4 25.0 25.6 21.3 14.7 7.5 1.2
Fahrenheit (℉) 30.2 34.7 43.7 55.4 64.76 72.32 77 78.08 70.34 58.46 45.5 34.16

※ For weather information : http://web.kma.go.kr/eng/index.jsp


  • Daejeon City Tour

    The tour takes off to historical sites that date back to Baekje Dynasty (B.C 18 - 660), and the Expo Park. There are three themed courses which the travelers can choose from: Science, History and Culture, Ecological Environment Tour and the tours can be tailored by choosing a selection of sites and "times" one wishes to see.

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    Daejeon City Tour

  • Breath of fresh air - Healing Journey

    Daejeon, a transportation hub and a center of science and technology is also equipped with healing elements. Walking through the 40km long Forest Road in Gyejok Mountain or the Ocher road in Jang-dong woodland park allows one a break from the fast pace life for a breath of fresh air. The microorganisms in loess at within the park is proved to have good effect on the body and.

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    Breath of fresh air - Healing Journey

  • Science-related learning and Exhibition Experience

    Scienced-related learning centers and exhibitions attract the most interest and attention from people in Daejeon city. Taking a trip to Daejeon Expo Science Park, National Science Museum, Civic Observatory does more than enogh to feel the scientific aspects of the city.

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    Science-related learning and Exhibition Experience

  • Hopping over to Gongju, the Glory of Baekje Lives On

    Gongju, about 35 kms from Daejeon is the capital of the proud Baekje Kingdom from AD 475 to AD 528 is renowned for its cultural sophistication and devout Buddhist culture. Today the city remains as a small provincial town in rural northern Chungcheong province, but the splendor of the once past Baekje Kingom still lives on through the history rich Baekje-era relics.

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    Hopping over to Gongju, the Glory of Baekje Lives On

  • Stopping by at the last capital

    Few places in Korea exude as strong a rustic charm as Buyeo, located within one hour drive from southwest of Gongju and west of Daejeon. A small provincial town today, Buyeo was once the proud capital of a mighty kingdom whose cultural influence could be felt as far afield as Japan. Its mighty temples and palaces now lie in ruins, but reminders of the kingdom’s golden age are scattered throughout the town.

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    Stopping by at the last capital