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Yeosu, Maritime City and Host of an International Expo

Yeosu is a wonderful maritime city located in the southern coastal area comprising of 317 islands and 915km of ria coastline. With the marvelous sea nearby, this city is regarded as one of the most renowned and beautiful seaports and popular vacation destinations in Korea. Famous tourist attractions in Yeosu include Odongdo Island where red common camellia flowers bloom during the winter and Hallyeohaesang National Park which is dotted with hundreds of small and big islands. In 2012, an international expo was successfully held in Yeosu to introduce the beautiful sea of Korea and promote the significance of its maritime resources. Yeosu has Korea’s largest aquarium and a wide range of tourist accommodation with approximately 1,300 guestrooms, including first-class hotels, resorts, and condominiums, and offers diverse marine leisure sports programs such as a marine rail bike.

  • bak island
  • Night view of Yeosu
  • camellia flower


  • - Longitude 34.7° N
  • - Latitude 127.7° E
  • - Timezone GMT +9
  • - Venue capacity
    Up to 684 Participants
  • - Accommodation capacity
    827 rooms
  • - International Airport
    Incheon Int'l Airport


  • Population

    291 thousands

  • Area

    503.33 ㎢

  • Getting there

    Yeosu Airport : 55mins by air from Gimpo airport, airport shuttle operating
    every 15 mins.
    3 hours and 30 mins from Seoul by KTX (Korea Express Train).
    4 hours and 10 mis from Seoul Central City Bus Terminal to Yeosu Bus Terminal

  • Local Food

    · Gejang(Marinated Crab)

    · Dolsan Gat Kimchi(Leaf Mustard Kimchi)

  • Remarks

    · Host Expo Yeosu 2012

    · Host of Amway Incentive Tour 2014


This table shows annual temperature of YEOSU as Centigrade and Fahrenheit
Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr. May. Jun. Jul. Aug. Sep. Oct. Nov. Dec.
Centigrade (℃) 2.4 4.0 7.9 13.2 17.5 20.9 24.2 25.8 22.3 17.3 10.9 5.1
Fahrenheit (℉) 36.3 39.2 46.2 55.7 63.5 69.6 75.5 78.4 72.1 63.1 51.6 41.1

※ For weather information : http://web.kma.go.kr/eng/index.jsp


  • Island Hopping

    Yeosu, a major maritime city, is surrounded by 317 islands and a winding coastline is over 900 kilometers long. The city is blessed with natural splendors including Odongdo Island, which marks the entry to Hallyeohaesang National Park, ‘Hyangiram Hermitage’, a small temple perched high on a cliff overlooking the picturesque islands.

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    Island Hopping

  • A Beautiful Port City Surrounded by Numerous Islands – Local Foods & Festivals

    The southern Jeolla province region of Korea is traditionally famous for delectable foods and has a great variety of dishes prepared with fresh fish caught from the Southern coast. They are also well known for different kimchi's. Make sure to try Dolsan Gat-Kimchi (Dolsan mustard leaf kimchi), a regional specialty with a unique flavor and taste, in Dolsando Island of Yeosu.

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    A Beautiful Port City Surrounded by Numerous Islands – Local Foods & Festivals

  • Jade Mountains,Emerald Seas

    Yeosu is undoubtedly one of the country’s most underrated destinations. For view seekers, the city’s hills and mountains afford splendid vistas of the port and its surrounding coastline. You can also cruise out to some of the town’s many scenic islands, while less adventurous types can simply kick back or take a stroll along one of the city’s fine beaches.

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    Jade Mountains,Emerald Seas