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Professionals and experienced staff members of the Korea MICE Bureau act as the conduit between local host organizations, Convention Centers& Convention Visitors Bureau, to provide you with unsurpassed service and support to hold her next meeting in Korea.

Here are lists of the number of services we provide and not limited to:

  • Communications Support

    We act as a liaison between local contacts and meeting planners.
    We assist in the selection of suitable convention facilities, accommodations and other convention suppliers.
    We advise on the planning of pre- & post- tours and social programs.
    We actively promote upcoming meetings in Korea to attract as many delegates as possible.

  • Site Inspection Support

    We provide complementary site inspection tours to key decision makers.

    Types of support include but not limited to:

    • Complimentary hotel rooms (*subject to availability)
    • Arrange appointments with between venue and hotels
    • complimentary tour service
    • Provide translator and local guides
  • Monetary Support

    Actual amount of financial support depends on event size or scope

    • Complimentary accommodation (subject to availability)
    • Appointment arrangement with venues and hotels Types of support include:
    • Cost defrayment (when it's payable to a local contractor)
    • Support cost associated in the bidding process
    • Cultural entertainment subsidy
    • Customizable souvenirs
  • Marketing Support

    Marketing support to include all costs associated pre and post bidding process

    • Local and International PR activities
    • Online and Offline communications activities
    • Bid Presentation activities
    • Support with promotional booth setup
    • Support and provide all promotional materials: videos & CDs, tourist guidebooks, maps, and convention brochures.