Special Support Program for
the Corporate Meetings & Incentive Tours

The Korea Tourism Organization offers special support for corporate meetings & incentive tours to promote the development of the Korean MICE industry.

1 Groups Eligible for Support

A. Common Conditions

  • (1) Events* held at domestic MICE facilities** by companies*** registered in Korea, including official programs or meetings that last four or more hours.

    • * Includes meetings, training, education, group incentive tours, etc.
    • ** MICE facilities: international conference facilities, exhibition centers, unique venues, hotels, etc.
    • *** Excludes events hosted by clubs, fan clubs, religious groups, civil servants, and student groups as they are not considered a company.
  • (2) 10 or more foreigners* must attend the event.

    • * Hybrid events where foreigners attend online will also be supported.

B. Additional Conditions

  • (1) Meetings that are planned and operated by a MICE event agency*
    • * Members of the Korea MICE Association or the Korean Association of Professional Convention Organizers (KAPCO); or professional convention organizers and professional event organizers under the MICE Alliances of regional CVBs, travel agencies, etc.
  • (2) Excludes meetings internally held within companies*
    • * Meetings that are held in company meeting rooms, affiliate locations, branch offices, or training facilities run by the company.
  • (3) Meetings must be consecutively held for seven days or less, and should not exceed 15 days within a year*.
    • * Education programs that are held for two or more weeks according to the applicant’s education and training policies will not be supported.

2Period of Operation: October 2020 ~

* Corporate meetings are to be held during the above period, and applications that are submitted after the start of meetings will not be accepted.

3Support Criteria

A. Before (1st Special Support for Companies that Visit Korea)

Before-1st Special Support for Companies that Visit Korea(Category, Grade, Maximum Support by Grade)
Category Grade Maximum Support by Grade
No. of persons visiting Korea Not classified by region
10 ~ 49 C Two optional support items or customized support within the support limit
50 ~ 499 B Three optional support items or customized support within the support limit
500 ~ 999 A Customized support within the support limit
1,000 ~ 2,999 S Customized support within the support limit
3,000 or more

B. After (2nd Special Support for Companies Registered in Korea)

After-2nd Special Support for Companies Registered in Korea(No. of participants, Grade, Maximum Support by Grade)
No. of participants* Grade Maximum Support by Grade
10 - 29 C Souvenirs, personal hygiene products
30 - 99 B Souvenirs, personal hygiene products /
Customized support within the support limit
100 - 499 A
500 or more S

* Total number of participants including both Koreans and foreigners.

※ Companies Eligible for Upgraded Support (upgrading by more than one level is not permitted, prior discussions required)

  • (1) Meetings that are held in regions outside the Seoul Metro areas (Seoul, Gyeonggi-do, Incheon)
  • (2) Meetings that entail tour programs*
    • * Programs that include visits to paid tourist attractions in addition to meetings.
  • (3) Meetings that are held using meeting technologies.

4Details of Support

A. Basic Support

Basic Support(Support, Description)
Support Description
Souvenirs One item (can be changed depending on availability)
Personal Hygiene Products Masks, hand sanitizer, wet tissues, etc.
Customized Support Event venue rental fee*, food and beverage expenses for official luncheon and dinners**, coffee break, cultural performances, rental and other fees for Wi-Fi access at the venue, rental and other fees for audio & video equipment, costs for holding meetings both on and offline (program/device rentals), tour program operating costs (vehicles, entrance fees, activity program fees), sanitization services for COVID-19 prevention, fees for fever checking system, etc.

* Amount of venue rental fees applied not to exceed 30% of the total support fund

** General meal expenses, including costs for using ordinary restaurants or the delivery of boxed lunches, etc. will not be covered.

B. Additional Support

*Following groups holding/running corporate meetings & incentive tours will receive additional support.

  • (1) Companies that hold meetings at popular meeting venues (unique venues) designated by the KTO and local governments will receive additional support in terms of rental fees*.
    • * Following support will be provided after upgrade.
Additional Support(Grade, Amount of Support, Maximum Suppport)
Grade Amount of Support Maximum Support
C 50% of rental fee 5 million won
A-B 10 million won
S 15 million won
  • (2) Additional support* of entrance fees (activity program fees) will be provided should tour programs run by the KTO’s partners be selected.
Additional support of entrance fees(Grade, Details of Support, Maximum Support)
Grade Details of Support Maximum Support
B-C Entrance fees/activity program fees One program
S-A Two programs

5Procedures for Receiving Support


① Application

Submit supplication form, list of tentative participants, and schedule



② Review

Review eligibility and confirm amount of support



③ Notification

Notify applicant of items and support amount



④ Provide support

Provide support in kind or direct support



⑤ Report results

Submit a list of confirmed participants*

* Documents to be prepared: schedule, a list of participants, application form

* Method of application: submit via email (