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Korea Sees Return of Large-Scale Corporate Events and International Conferences Post-COVID-19 2023-05-26 Korea saw a return in large-scale corporate events and international conferences this month with the hosting of the 56th Annual Meeting of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the USANA ‘2023 Asia Pacific Convention’.

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Korea Tourism Organization and KOTRA Sign MOU to Promote Tourism and Trade Investment 2023-05-03 On April 27th, Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) and KOTRA signed an MOU to promote Korea tourism and trade investment.

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Korea Significantly Relaxes Support Requirements for International Conventions Support 2023-02-17 Starting this year, the requirements for international conventions support for events held in Korea will be significantly relaxed.

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KTO Hosts Forum Seeking Ways to Revitalize Local MICE Industry 2022-12-21 The Korea Tourism Organization held a ‘MICE Industry Revitalization Forum’ on December 19 at the Commodore Hotel in Busan, together with the Office of Representative Hwangbo Seung-hee of the National Assembly’s Culture, Sports and Tourism Committee and Busan Metropolitan City.

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‘K-Incentive’ Marketing Highlights Korea’s New Attractions and Experiences 2022-11-23 As part of marketing efforts to attract incentive and corporate meeting groups from Southeast Asia, KTO invited key members of major corporations for a global team building competition, inspired by K-Pop and various Korean contents.

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Korea Seeks New Direction for Sustainable Development of the MICE Industry 2022-10-13 KTO held a ‘Proclamation Ceremony for Establishment of a MICE Industry Ecosystem and Sustainable Management’ on September 27th to seek new direction for development of the MICE industry in the post-COVID era.

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Competition Selects Korea's Best New Incentive Tour Programs 2022-08-11 An Awards Ceremony was held for the 'Korea Outstanding Incentive Tour Program Competition', which selected Korea's best new incentive tour programs.

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World Heritage City Forum to Gather Heritage Experts in Korea 2022-09-15 The World Heritage City Forum is taking place at Suwon Convention Center in Suwon from September 29 (Thu) – 30 (Fri) and is expected to welcome around 500 delegates.

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679 Press Release Plans Underway for First Convention Center in Gangwon Province 2021-01-27 Hit:464

Plans Underway for First Convention Center in Gangwon Province


Pictured: Seoraksan Mountain in Gangwon Province, one of many natural landmarks in the province

Plans are underway for the construction of a new international convention center in Chuncheon, Gangwon Province, the first international convention center in the province.

Comprising the northeast region of the Korean peninsula, Gangwon Province is recognized for rich natural retreats, and includes major cities Gangneung, Chuncheon, and Pyeongchang. A popular destination for outdoor sports and recreation, the province hosted the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics, showcasing its capability to host large-scale international events. The hosting of the games further enhanced the province’s MICE hosting capabilities, including the extension of a KTX (high-speed bullet train) line connecting major cities within the province to Seoul in under 2 hours.

Demand for an international convention center in the province has been raised steadily in the past, and with the successful hosting of the Winter Olympics and the province receiving 4th in the nation for MICE events hosted in 2018, the province is hopeful for the plans of a new convention center to receive the green light to proceed with construction.

Currently, the top 3 regions for highest number of annual MICE events hosted in Korea is Seoul, Gyeonggi and Busan, all currently operating large scale convention centers – COEX (Seoul), KINTEX (Gyeonggi), and BEXCO (Busan). Gangwon Province anticipates the construction of its first international convention center will provide the boost it needs to place itself in the top three.

According to preliminary plans, the new convention center is expected to have a site area of 54,200 m2, total building area of 16,200 m2, and total floor area of 36,900 m2. The total project cost is anticipated to be 149 billion won. The convention center will be built in Hajungdo Island, an island in Chuncheon, also home to the new Lego Land Theme Park, currently under construction with a tentative opening date set for 2022. The theme park will be the 10th Lego Land in the world and the first in the nation.

With convenient access to Seoul and a wealth of recreational opportunities available in the region, the new convention center and theme park in Gangwon Province will open up doors of new opportunities for MICE visitors to Korea post-Covid-19.


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